Contextual Highlighting

If contextual highlighting is enabled, when you move your caret in your code, PHP will highlight only the active language, and paint the other languages gray.

Simple contextual highlighting

With the caret in HTML, only the HTML is highlighted :

contextualhighlightinghtml large

If you moe your caret to the CSS block :

contextualhighlightingcss large

and to the PHP :

contextualhighlightingphp large

Extended contextual highlighting

If you want some specific language to be highlighted in a specific context, you can specify it in the preferences.

For example, if you want CSS code to be highlighted when in PHP mode, go to the "Languages" -> "PHP" -> "Highlighted languages" page in the preferences dialog, and check CSS.
Now when your caret will be placed in PHP, PHP and CSS code will be highlighted :

contextualhighlightingphp css large

Note that CSS will be highlighted in PHP mode, but not the other way around. To have PHP highlighted in CSS mode you need to configure it also.

No contextual highlighting

If you don't want to use contextual highlighting, and want to see all your code highlighted, regardless of the language and the current context, uncheck the "Contextual Highlighting" option in "Editor" -> "Look'n'Feel" :

noncontextualhighlighting large

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